Magda's Story

‘I have always felt a strong connection with nature and surrounded landscape. In my childhood, I have spent lots of time in the countryside at my grandparents’ place soaking up beautiful sceneries and appreciating wildlife. Being a creative maker was in me as long as I can recall: drawing, modelling, painting, everything is exciting and I have always been opened to new projects.’
– Magda

Choosing a career in landscape architecture was a perfect fit and combination of my two biggest passions: nature and design. After gaining a Master degree, I have started working for a few landscape design companies in Poland.  But working for myself allowed full creative freedom and balanced family life.  Until 2012  I run a successful landscaping business in my home country, Poland.

The New Chapter - Australia

In late 2012 and with a young family in tow we relocated to regional Australia after my husband was offered an amazing career opportunity. What supposed to be a two-year adventure turned into a life changing one!   

In the Land Down Under, the whole new world of flora opened up. Immediately after landing, I noticed beautiful native plants. I bought a few books and started studying. In 2014, just before our youngest son was born, we moved to Ballarat and again I felt at home surrounded by familiar European trees and shrubs. In 2019, I completed Certificate III in Horticulture at Federation University in Ballarat and opened MK Gardens..

Art Journey

Surrounded by art in heritage Ballarat, I started my own career in that field. I joined a few artist groups: Soldiers Hill Artist Collective (SHAC), the women artists group ‘Sheilas’ and PAF (Polish Art Foundation). Since that time I have been exhibiting my artworks in galleries around Australia.

“My works are influenced by the world around me: landscapes, memories of my home country Poland, scenes from life, my kids, and simple things which we sometimes overlook. Recently, I’ve found big interest and inspiration in Polish folklore art. Through my art I would like to show appreciation to things I care about most.” – Magda


Community involvement

In 2018, I became an Intercultural Ambassador for the City of Ballarat. As an Ambassador till 2022, I brought the Polish community in Ballarat back together and promoted our rich Polish culture. 

In 2020 I  curated the ‘Colours of World Culture’ art exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. This group exhibition showcased Ballarat’s cultural diversity by bringing together artworks and artefacts by local artists and participants in the Intercultural Ambassador program. 

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Hand painted Pots

Stylish Greenery combines my love for plants and art. I have started painting terracotta pots for myself but soon after more and more people wanted to see them on their shelves…. this is when Stylish Greenery was born.

They make fantastic and unique gifts for anyone.   

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